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We are able to customise our BBQ menu based on your preference. Inclusive of charcoal, oil with brush, full set of disposable ware, buffet tables with table cloth, food warmer, food tags.


Package A
Starter Humus (Chicken pea dip)
Mixed salad
Main Dishes Chicken wings
Shish Kebab
Fish Kebab
Chicken sausage
Rice (House specials)
Dessert Muhalabia (Milk-based pudding) / Fruits platter
Beverage Soft drinks


Package B
Starter Hummus
Arabic salad
Salata Laban (Cucumber yoghurt salad)
Main Dishes Laham Meshwi (Lamb steak)
Chicken steak
Yoghurt marinated calamari
Minute steak
Prawn kebab
Rice (House specials)
Dessert Basbousa (Semolina cake) / Fruits platter
Beverage Karkade / Soft drinks
Additional charges

  • Transport: $100.00 per event. Transport charges will be waived if minimum spent exceeds $900.00
  • 1 service staff – $50.00 (per 3-hours block)
  • BBQ pit (subject to availability): $30.00
For enquiries and booking, please call 6297 0573 or do it online here.